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Old Norse 

matr m present-Anglo pronunciation Matter
    1.    food or meal

At Matr, we find our place in nature through the story of food. With guidance from the the New Nordic Manifesto, we take an academic approach to food through a philosophical and historic analysis. With a deep passion for wild nature we combine fine culinary craftsmanship to create a distinct story in the food industry. We do social dining, catering, team-building & culinary tours in Northern Europe. 

Dinner Clubs

We offer New Nordic Dinner Experiences at the community-style Chef's table to enjoy a social and interactive evening, with a wide variety of interesting people, whilst enjoying a New Nordic Tasting menu with carefully paired wines.


The produce is 100% seasonal, wild and local and the wines are all natural from small-batch producers. The experience is rustic, warmhearted and embracing whilst exploring all your senses to satisfy the expectations of a modern fine dining experience. Coupled with this, is the desire to give our food a story, a narrative, which we take great care to deliver at our dinners. This could, for instance, be a modern interpretation of a Viking farmers breakfast of day-old flatbread and stew, transformed into a perfect fit for the main course. In this way, we intend to make your plate come alive with more than just the sight, the smell, and the taste. 


We say “Skål” and welcome you to MATR. 

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jonaslorentzen@matrfood.com / TEL: +447562525634

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